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    A woman visits her departed loved ones at a common grave a night before the All Saints’ Day at the Manila Memorial ......read more→

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    Prayers for the dead

    In addition to having a Mass said on the anniversary of a loved one’s death as mentioned above, there exists an old Christian custom of fasting, burning a candle for 24 hours, and praying for

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    The Memorial of the Dead in Popular Piety

    Memorial of the dead in popular piety (CBCPNews) AS with the Liturgy, popular piety pays particular attention to the memory of the dead and carefully raises up to God prayers in suffrage for

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    Death, a beginning not an end

    AS priest, I get to see many people already on the verge of death. Their families invite me to give them the last sacraments of the anointing, communion or viaticum. If the patients are still able, I