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Cemeteries are ’sacred’ places, bishop reminds people

In a place of solemn repose, decorum and respect are paramount, a Catholic bishop said.

On the eve of “Undas”, Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of Kalookan said that graveyards are “sacred places” and must be respected.

“Let us be more mindful of the holiness, the sacredness of our cemeteries. There is a reason why it is called ‘kampo santo’ or sacred ground,” David said over Radio Veritas.

He reminded the people that All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days are opportunities to remember the departed and to pray for them.

“Let us pray. Let us keep our visit there holy,” the bishop said.

David also appealed to the public to keep cemeteries clean and make the observance of Undas more meaningful.

“Let is not disrespect the burial sites of our loved ones by leaving our garbage in the cemeteries. That is an environmental disaster,” he added.

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo also urged the people to avoid the commercialization and excesses of the Christian holidays.

Instead of celebrating life and holiness, he lamented how the occasion is being turned into “a time of fear, horror and death” such as the “Halloween culture”.

“It is not more cool and lovely to think of life, light, holiness and goodness,” said Pabillo.

“Let us reject this culture of death, and instead turn back to the real meaning of these days because we believe in life.”

“The life beyond this one is love and holiness. In fact for a believer death is a door that leads to God,” he said.


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