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Justin, a sepulturero whose family lives inside the Manila South Cemetery, in an interview, explained that many of the tombs ...
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Caloocan Norte Public cemetery

Caloocan Norte Public cemetery, Binmaley, pangasinan ...
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A woman visits the tomb of a loved one in one of the Manila South Cemetery's lesser managed lots. At ...
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Manila South Cemetery

Visitations at the Manila South Cemetery are going smoothly with no reports from the authorities of any violent incidents ...
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“Solennità di Ognissanti”

Priest-Students of the Pontifical Filipino College in Rome celebrate “Solennità di Ognissanti” (Solemnity of All Saints) at the Vatican’s Crypt ...
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Parañaque Public Cemetery

Parañaque Public Cemetery (Photos by Michael Dalogdog) ...
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Las Piñas Catholic Cemetery

Las Piñas Catholic Cemetery (Photos by Michael Dalogdog) ...
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